Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

All of us celebrate the arrival of 2021 and mostly the long-awaited departure of 2020. With the arrival of 2021 comes another refreshing news about Vaccines.

Working from home has already become a new normal for many businesses and Digital Marketing has emerged as a way to do business (Credit: ongoing COVID-19). Many businesses are still flourishing in these difficult situations. 

The best way for your business to retain current customers and obtain new ones is to keep up with the market trends. This will also help in generating more revenue for your business in the long run.

Identifying the marketing trends for 2021 is the key factor for the success of your business. We have identified a few key marketing trends to help your business grow exponentially in the coming time.


People are spending most of their time on social media from reading articles on the pandemic to buying products and services from digital platforms. In the current COVID-struck world, businesses are focusing more on customer retention instead of acquizition. 

Changes like this create new opportunities for marketers to retain existing customers as well as create new audience base. With the help of social media, a competent marketer can develop a closer relationship with existing and newer audience. This will in turn drive your business process more efficiently. Is your business to miss out on this opportunity? This is a NO-GO for your business goals.

Social Media


For small business owners, Google My Business comes to the rescue. It is a service that uses Google Maps and Google Search to locate the geographical area of your business.

With Google My Business, your business creates a company profile  various information about about the business. This will create an online presence of your business on Google Search Engine as well as Google Maps.

Almost all the time you search for a product or service on Google, you will see a result showing “near me” tagged along with a shop name. This helps you in acquiring customers without coming in direct contact with them. By adding your location, you can penetrate more easily in your local market. This will result in an increase in local revenue and increasing your business reach.

Keeping your listings updated on Google My Business also informs your customers of any changes you have brought in your operations such as working hours, blogs, promotional offers, etc.

Local Lisitng

Artificial intelligence

Once upon a time, people laughed at those who said Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the future for every field. Now that we all have seen what AI can do, we all wish to be a part of this exhilarating trend. Artificial Intelligence can do wonders for all kinds of businesses.

AI can benefit those businesses that do not have enough resources to put in the marketing aspect of their business. AI is already used for E-mail personalization, Product recommendations, Content creation, remarketing, E-commerce transactions, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Automated Bidding in Google Ads

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, your business should not miss Google Ads to market on a more targeted audience online. Marketers using Google ads have to constantly make tweaks and adjustments in their ad campaigns and other related areas. This is in order to get more for their investments. But doing so also costly for your business if you do not have your independent marketing team as well as time consuming.

For these scenarios, Google has introduced its automated bidding system. in 2016. With the help of automated bidding, your team can focus its attention on other aspects of your business. This will also allow your business to grow exponentiallly with lower costs on marketing.

Voice Search optimization

People love using shortcuts. An what is a bigger shortcut than literally dictating your thoughts to google or any other voice assistants like Alexa. If you are marketing your products online, you should also keep your business open to such creative methods (until of course Neural thought processing comes into picture ;p).

You should specifically optimize your marketing content for voice search. For that, your content should be direct and conversational making it easily sync with search queries.

Voice Search

Video marketing

Video Marketing is the most attention grabbing concept in the Marketing industry. This is because a marketer can apply much more creativity into it in contrast to search ads. Your audience can see your video ads on different kinds of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, email marketing, etc.

Your audience is most definitely present on any one kind of Social Media. It is your marketer’s responsibility to target the perfect social media platform. If you target the right audience and with relevant video ads, you will increase your click-through rates as a result. All of this makes Video Marketing one of the best marketing trends even in 2021.

Video Marketing


Almost every successful website or page on social media have their own chatbots to entertain visitors. Chatbots provide customer support on a level above human capabilities. 

Users get their queries resolved as soon as they request a resolution to a chatbot. Chatbots also make the business website or page responsive and enjoyable for the customers.

All of this also assists the business in gaining more click-through rates and conversions. Chatbots are also cost-effective for a marketer (depending on the usage).


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is like a word-of-the-mouth marketing where we focus on branding to a large chunk of market that is under the influence of a third party. This third party holds the power of manipulating their influenced market’s behaviours. 

These influencers can either be widely known celebrities or even ‘Mango-people’ highly active on Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Mostly these ‘Mango-people’ own their own page ,blog-pages, or channel on social media.

Influencer Marketing

Messenger Apps

On an average, monthly 1.6 Billion users are active on Whatsapp. Imagine the kind of market you can target on these apps. Whatsapp has about 55 Billion messages sent on a daily basis.

Your business can gain a huge amount of customer base if marketing done right through messenger apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat. 

Your business can also retain the existing customers by using these apps to get in close contact with them and at the same time personalize your products and services for them.

Messenger Apps

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