Search Engine Marketing for Beginners

Search Engine Marketing is an important mode of advertisement in today’s digitally operating world. It has become the backbone of countless businesses for achieving their goals. As a beginner in digital marketing, it is crucial for you to understand the features and methodologies of SEM. 

In the beginning, SEM comprised of both paid advertisements as well as Seach engine optimization (SEO). But with the development of SEM, SEO became an independent group of digital marketing. 

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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also known by many as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Paid Search. It is a strategy used by numerous businesses to promote their products through paid advertisements appearing on search engine results page. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are the pages that appear on the screen after a user searches online on a search engine. Some popular examples of these search engines are ‘Google’, ‘Bing’, and ‘Yahoo!’.

Why is Search Engine Marketing important?

There has been an explosive increase in the number of online buyers in recent times. As a result of which, Search Engine Marketing has become an essential part of Advertisement. All the major businesses are focusing on SEM to increase their customer base.

In SEM, advertisers pay for impressions and the number of clicks their advertisements acquire that results in visitors, which helps in improving the website’s overall ranking in the SERPs. For instance, a majority of new visitors on a website found it by performing a query on a search engine.

As opposed to other major digital marketing campaigns, SEM does not interrupt the users. In paid search advertising, ads appear on the top of the SERPs or on the right side. This helps in gaining more visibility and prominence making it potentially the fastest way to drive visitors to your website.

5 ideas to start with

1) Selecting Platform

Both Googe and Microsoft are focusing on SEM and have developed Google Ads (Adwords) and Bing Ads respectively. As a result of which, these two platforms have become the most popular SEM centered platforms for advertisers and businesses.

2) Starting small with campaigns

You should prefer starting with fewer campaigns at first which will help you grasp all the mechanics, making careful reviews, and analyze data.

3) Relevant ads

SEM is majorly used to increase the visibility of your website in search engine results pages. But it is even more crucial to take the user’s experience into consideration. This will also help you in improving the website’s overall ranking in SERPs. Due to which, your website will acquire an increasing number of new users and lower bounce rates.

4) Linked Pages

Ads you have posted must be linked to the correct subject matter. If you create a campaign where the subject is mentioning ‘Shoes’ and the link attached to the subject takes your user to ‘Trousers’, then this would ruin the user’s mood and would make an unreliable image in their mind. This will also result in your website losing its popularity with your user base and the overall SERPs ranking too.

5) Review Daily

You have to monitor your ad campaigns on a daily basis. This way you can keep an eye on its performance and development. By doing so, you will also notice the keywords that are performing better than others as well as irrelevant or useless keywords (which you can add in your negative keywords section). This will also increase the number of useful and relevant users attracted to your website.

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