Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Now quite ever before, businesses have the chance to interact and have interaction with both potential and returning customers directly through social media platforms. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an important form of online marketing that uses the power of social media networks to create brand image, inform and have interaction existing customers, and encourage conversation about a business.

A good SMM (Social Media Marketing) is significant to maintaining a robust online reputation and creating branding awareness, as well as allowing customers to feel involved during a business. we provide a good variety of result-driven social media marketing strategies which will make sure that your business is properly positioned within the social media marketplace, which translates to wider visibility and increased sales.

Ratnawat looks at the requirements of your business in order to determine the most effective strategies for your social media activities. we glance not only at your business but the competition, as well as the communities that exist already to ascertain what the perfect strategy would be for you. We help determine which social media networks are the foremost employed by your customers and work with you to implement the processes which will make your presence on those networks a considerable a part of your marketing campaign.

We create the social profiles that are right for your business, and add content and interact with the community at the days that are most precious for gaining new customers and enticing existing customer to return. We also provide blogs, widgets, and articles which will be used to promote your brand and image through social media networks. Ratnawat Global also monitors and maintains your social network profiles, constantly updating strategies, and ensuring that your online reputation and image remains at a high level, which results in more sales and increases revenue.


Ratnawat Team's Advantage

Get your Business the Attention it Deserves
Involve us in your marketing efforts, and see a social media marketing strategy that generates persuasive brand awareness and directs traffic to your website through page promotion, like and lead campaigns, sponsored post, social seeding, live tweeting, video promotion & social posting for all social media platforms.
Bulls Eye on the Target Audience


It's important to be wherein your audience of potential customers is today, and where they is probably tomorrow. Ratnawat social media specialists will help you find right target audience with our own proprietary software
Story Driven Approach
Your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc are the mirror to your product & services. Posting an ingenious won't be enough. Having story driven content which engages with the audience on a private level is what we've an expertise in.
Full Package Social Media Marketing

Creating, overseeing, streamlining, and analyzing campaigns on Social Media platforms to gain customers in which Ratnawat has deep expertise. Leveraging targeting analysis, target audience profiling, creative frameworks, targeting & budget management, Ratnawat is the best end-to-end solution for your paid social needs.

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We assist you in increasing your brand's reach and popularity on social networks.

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Paid SMM

Compete with your competitors on social networks with Paid SMM strategies.

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Our social media marketing campaigns are highly professional and successful.

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Social Media Share

Facebook For Business


Around 2.6 Billion users are active on Facebook per month.

Market Share

Facebook is the leading social media platform followed by YouTube.


In Q1 of 2020, Facebook brought about $17.44 Billion in ad revenue.


More than 80 Million small businesses worldwide use Facebook for business.

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