Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a very influential method for any business to reach its prospective clients. Brands are interacting with people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. as marketing through Social Media correctly can drive leads and sales bringing loads of business. 

SMM involves fabricating content for social networks to achieve marketing and branding objectives. You can drive audience engagement by posting textual content, images, videos, and events. Facebook, Instagram, and other such social networks charge you for advertising your products and services on their website and application.

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It is very essential for your business to adapt to trends or it can become a classic example such as NOKIA, which did not embrace the changing trend, thus, becoming a shell of its history. A trend in social media is highly dynamic in nature. It can change in a matter of minutes and affect your campaign in a positive or negative way.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

According to reports, about 40% of the world’s population were actively using social media in 2019. Marketing through these networks will be critically essential for businesses as social networks offer a chance for marketers that TVs and Radio couldn’t. Marketers can customize their ads according to the objective and target audience which is a huge opportunity for any and all businesses.

Some of these benefits are:

Audience Engagement– Businesses are engaging with potential customers on social media to establish trust with them because they wish to build a developing relationship with them over time.

Control Messages- While facing critical circumstances, businesses use social media to serve as independent news channel. This helps them in publishing contents controlling their side of the story creating an ideal atmosphere for businesses over time.

Lead Generation- Marketers optimizae the brand’s image  in the minds of users through social media. As a result of which, they can achieve the objective of generating traffic or in other words leads to their business.

Brand Loyalty- Marketers engage with potential customers and others to promote their brand’s loyalty. They inform the users of the brand through events and info-commercial videos or memes.

Blended- Social media blends amazingly with other channels which help marketers in enhancing campaigns in a wide range.

Types of SMM

Basically, there are two kinds of SMM campaigns; organic and paid campaigns.

Organic Campaign- Marketers use social media services free of cost such as sharing posts on Facebook or replying to Twitter posts, etc. thus, helping businesses save loads of money that can be utilized elsewhere for their development. Small businesses are building their virtual community catering to their customers’ needs or queries building a relationship with them.

Paid Campaign- Marketers have to pay for advertising their content on social networks. Content can be anything from images to videos and written content. This also provides some impressive features. Features like targeting the audience according to their location, buying habits, hobbies, etc. This also puts your content directly in front of the user with the greatest chance of buying your products and services.

SMM Strategy

Humans are a bunch of animals using their brains. Throughout history, we have been told to not commence without creating a plan. A plan or a structure for achieving any objective is known by many as a strategy. The very first advantage of creating a strategy is giving your campaign a certain goal to work towards. As a result of which, your campaign will work in the same direction as your goal creating no clashes between both. You would need to understand the reason behind your campaign. This is possible by preparing some questions for yourself. The very basic question in this context would be- What is your reason behind posting a campaign on social media? It may be related to lead generation or brand awareness.

Some of the most basic questions for your reference:

What is your Campaign’s main objective?

Who is your Target Audience?

How will you find your audience?

How does your audience use social media?

What is your message to your audience?

Choosing a platform

The next important step for any business or marketer is choosing an appropriate platform. This is a step that is very crucial for your campaign’s success. If a marketer chose an inappropriate networking platform, then, the ad campaign would struggle to bring positive responses from users. As a result, the next important step for any business or marketer is choosing an appropriate platform. By creating a business profile on a social network, you obtain your userbase’s information in the form of reports.

What you can do with this information:

1. Obtain info on your audience’s buying behavior, age, gender, etc. With this, you can further optimize your content to be seen by the right audience at the right time.

2. Exclusive access to report with information on your every ad and event posted. This way you can strategize more accurately.

3. Figure out the returns you get on your marketing expenses on social media platforms.

4. Work-out a cross-channel marketing plan to figure out the best conversion rates you get.

All of the above-mentioned pointers are some advantages of Social Media Marketing for Businesses. There are no major cons of creating a business profile on social media platforms.

Creating Content

The next big step is to create content for your SMM campaign. The content that is more suitable for social media platforms sells more frequently and successfully. This is because such content offers more value to the user. This also makes the content more engaging to the user.

For your marketing content to reach your target audience successfully, it needs to be written for them. Some points to be remembered before creating content are:

1. Relevant to the subject;

2. Should give all the subjected information;

3. Valuable to the end-user or reader;

4. Engaging in the user’s perspective.

There can be many types of social media content. But, the most valuable content according to recent trends is photos ad videos. Such contents also help businesses in creating an image portraying their stories.

1. Visual contents like photos and videos create a harmony between the audience and businesses. 

2. An engaging atmosphere between users and businesses through contests, quizzes, photos & videos submitted by users themselves, and more.

3. Brands can be given its own independent identity with the help of visual content marketing.

4. Videos and photos for content can provide other users or readers with testimonials about products and services. This can either come via existing customers or sponsored representatives.

5. Create some video demos of products and services for users to engage with.

Tips for your SMM campaign

Your focus should always be your audience while creating content for marketing. 

1. Content Planning- It is very crucial for any marketer to build a plan for marketing campaigns. You should start off with keyword researching to obtain interesting ideas for your audience. Do competitive research to understand your business rivals’ activities for boosting engagement on social media.

2. Strong Content- Your content needs to be very strong and relevant to the user. You can acquire more users with content that is relevant, crisp, and enjoyable to the user. Post content regularly making sure that your users find it helpful and enjoyable to read or view. 

3. Branding- Post campaigns to boost your branding through social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Social media enables businesses to create a harmonious relationship between users and themselves.

4. Competitor Analysis- “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” -Sun Tzu (Brilliant Chinese military strategist). Keep all your eyes and ears on your competitors. This will provide you valuable data for your social media marketing campaign. If your competitors use a certain marketing channel or technique which works wonders for them, then consider doing the same but in a better way.

5. Promotion- Social network is the best mode of sharing your blogs with readers and build your loyal reader-base. Once you’re done with this, post all of your latest content for your users to read instantly. This will not only build your loyal reader-base but also increase your followers on social networks.

6. Outbound Links- Add outbound links to your campaign to provide your loyal readers or followers with articles that they enjoy. Linking with other websites improves trust and reliability which sometimes also brings links to your website.

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